• The First Credit Scoring and Credit Rating Conference

    (CSCR I)


    'Bridge the Gap'

    29-30 October 2020, Chengdu, China


    Credit supply to businesses and consumers is essential to economic growth and credit risk management is critical to financial institutions. Financial technology has empowered modern banking and their smart decisions. China and the US highlight the importance of credit rating in Chapter 4 of the Economic and Trade Agreement. The pandemic of COVID-19 has great impact on world’s economy and credit risk. Under this background, we will hold the first Credit Scoring and Credit Rating conference (CSCR I) in Chengdu, Sichuan, China on 29-30 October 2020, themed 'Bridge the Gap'. The conference is oriented to bridge the gap between academics and practice in the credit industry and open to all scholars and practitioners from banking, consumer finance, corporate finance, bond and credit derivatives markets, Fintech, credit bureaux, credit services & agencies, and other related fields. Participants are expected to share innovative applications and practices at the conference. Papers and presentations are invited on any topic related to credit scoring, credit rating and financial risk management of credit assets, with a special focus on new data mining and machine learning methodologies in risk forecasting.

    实体经济的信贷供给是经济发展的关键动力。信用风险管理对金融机构至关重要。金融科技驱动了现代银行的智能决策。中美双方在刚刚签署的“经济贸易协议” 第四章金融服务中提到信用评级服务的重要内容。全球新冠疫情也对世界经济和信用风险带来了重大影响。在此背景下,首届“信用评分与信用评级会议”(CSCR I)将于2020年10月29-30日在西南财经大学召开,本次会议以“Bridge the Gap”为主题。会议将搭建信用领域学术界和实业界的桥梁,欢迎来自银行业、公司金融、消费金融、债券和信贷衍生品市场、金融科技、征信机构、评级机构、信用信息服务机构等方面的专家和学者一起讨论交流,分享与信用评分、信用评级和信贷资产的风险管理相关的研究成果。本次会议特别关注新颖的数据挖掘和机器学习算法在风险预测上的应用,以及行业在前沿问题中的创新实践。

  • Latest information

    # Update of the conference 会议更新 @ 27 Mar 2020

    We have rescheduled the conference on 29-30 Oct 2020, five months later than the original plan due to the unprecedented pandemic. Please refer to the new important dates given below. All other arrangements remain unchanged and the portal is open for submission. More information and guidance has been added to the page. We wish you healthy and hope to see you in half a year.


    # Update of the coronavirus crisis 疫情影响更新 @ 12 Mar 2020

    WHO has regarded COVID-19 as a 'pandemic' since the number of cases outside China has increased 13-fold, and the number of affected countries has tripled in the past two weeks. This is the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus. We have called every day for countries to take urgent and aggressive action. We have rung the alarm bell loud and clear.


    # Update of the conference 会议更新 @ 27 Feb 2020

    Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in other international cities in the past few days, now the epidemic is considered to be a global one and people are concerned on its uncertainty of the following months. Therefore, for everyone's safety and convenience, we have decided to postpone the conference to October 2020. We will update once we have the new date with the organisers and keynote speakers. The submission remains open till the new deadline.


    # Update of the coronavirus crisis 疫情影响更新 @ 21 Feb 2020

    Although the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in China brings us some troubles, we expect the epidemic will be controlled shortly and fully recover in April. So we're organising our conference as planned. We will closely follow up the update of the situation, and carefully review the process from time to time. We put everyone's health and safety as the first priority.


  • Call for papers

    Papers and presentations addressing the following issues would be particularly welcome.



    • credit economics and credit supply
    • financial institution regulation
    • portfolio credit risk management
    • credit rating and analysis
    • credit spread and bond pricing
    • corporate bond risk forecasting
    • risk assessment of small and micro businesses
    • corporate bankruptcy/financial distress prediction
    • economic capital estimation and stress testing
    • LGD/EAD modelling under the Basel Accord
    • Markov chain & survival analysis dynamic modelling
    • profit scoring and risk-based pricing
    • propensity, retention and attrition scoring
    • fraud and collections scoring
    • reject inference
    • ML/AI in Finance
    • Big data/alternative data in risk management
    • Social Credit Systems
    • Other credit related topics


    • 信用经济与信贷供给
    • 金融机构监管
    • 组合信用风险管理
    • 信用评级和分析
    • 信用利差和债券定价
    • 公司债券风险预测
    • 小微企业风险评估
    • 企业破产和财务危机预测
    • 银行经济资本估计和压力测试
    • 巴塞尔协议下的LGD和EAD建模
    • 马尔可夫链和生存分析动态模型
    • 利润评分和风险定价
    • 客户偏好和流失预测
    • 欺诈预警和催收评分
    • 拒绝推断
    • 机器学习和人工智能在金融中的应用
    • 大数据和替代数据在风险管理中的应用
    • 社会信用体系
    • 其他信用相关研究
  • Keynote Speakers


    Professor Edward Altman

    Stern School of Business, New York University

    Director of Credit & Debt Markets Research


    Professor David Xianglin Li

    Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

    Associate Director of China Academy Financial Research




    Professor George Xianzhi Yuan

    Business School, Sun Yat-Sen University

    Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Financial Engineering



    Raymond Anderson

    Principal, Rayan Risk Analytics Johannesburg

    Author of The Credit Scoring Toolkit and Credit Intelligence and Modelling



    Jian Huang

    CEO, Experian Great China


  • Publication Opportunity


    International Journal of Forecasting

    SSCI, ABS-3, IF-3.386, JCR-Economics Q1/Management Q1

    Papers accepted for presentation at the conference can be considered for a special section ‘Credit Risk Modelling’ in a regular issue of the International Journal of Forecasting. Papers will be reviewed following the journal’s review policy and those meeting quality expectations will be considered by the editorial team including

    • Editor-in-Chief, Pierre Pinson, Technical University of Denmark
    • Editor, Dick van Dijk, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    • Guest Editor, Tony Bellotti, University of Nottingham Ningbo
    • Guest Editor, Galina Andreeva, University of Edinburgh
    • Guest Editor, Zhiyong Li, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

    参会宣讲的论文经学术委员会推荐,投稿到International Journal of Forecasting期刊。客座编辑将与期刊编辑部紧密合作,组织评审并修改达到要求质量后,将被期刊录用,在2021年的“Credit Risk Modelling”专题中刊出会议优秀论文。


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